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Saxophone Sorority

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 14:35:10 +1200
From: Philip Bendall
Subject: [Amarok] SaxaWho?

Re Saxophones:

(Mike) I hate saxophones.
(Stefan) But you did use Courtney Pine on Heaven's Open?
(Mike) Well, I mean, there are two players in the world, one is Courtney
Pine, the other one is ... you know, who did ... that.....
(Mike sings....)
(Stefan) Oh yeah.
(Mike) Now, what's his name? Don't remember his name now. Two players. I
don't like the sound of the saxophone. It sounds like a fart - to my ears...
unless one of these two people play it, and they can really play it. And
also, when I was working with Kevin Ayers, he had this saxophone player
whom I didn't like much. He can't play drums either!

A question and a comment:

Firstly, the question: what was the tune Mike hummed and who was the Sax player? I know it *wont* be Kenny G!

Secondly, the comment: That would be sax player Lol Coxhill. He was (is?)
what they call a "free-form jazz saxophonist." I've listened to his
stuff on Shooting at the Moon and the BBC Live album. I thought he was
really quite ok, actually, on SatM, and completely stoned on BBC Live.
I think he used to just busk on the street and that is where Kevin met
him and said "Hey, do you want to be in my band." Lol went on to do
stuff with Robert Wyatt. Anyone know what happened to him after that?
Is he still about, farting away?

Ok, another comment: Mike used the guy from Roxy Music (Rav someone)
on both Islands and Earth Moving for the sax solos. The Roxy connection
may very well have gone back as far as Eno's performance on the June 1,
1974 live Ayres album.

Philip Bendall

Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 21:45:25 -0500
From: Drew Minasian
Subject: Re: [Amarok] SaxaWho?

My guess as to the tune he hummed: Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
...the sax player on that tune was Rafael Ravenscroft, the same "Raf"
you are refering to in your second comment. Though I'm not a big fan
ofsaxophone either, I do enjoy Ravenscrofts' playing...I have a solo
album by him which is quite good.


Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 18:36:31 +1100
From: wolf
Subject: [Amarok] SaxaWho?

Is it just me - or does anyone else find this list kind of musically
old fashioned? Oh Christ! wolf, I hear you all say.......

But seriously....surely not everyone hates the saxophone? - think of
Walk on The Wildside, MOST of Bowie, blues sax, jazz sax - Paul
McCartney sax - 'Bluebird' featuring Howie Casey, John Martyn's Solid
Air sax, Van Morrison's celtic sax on Inarticulate Speech...Jesus - what
has the saxophone ever done to you lot? Oh that's right - Mikey hates it :)

Mind you , by the end of Music From the Balcony, I'm ready to tell the
motherfucker on there where to shove his big horn! but that's another


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