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Crystal Clear Deer

It was 80 degrees here, great top-down September-type weather. I had to go to work for awhile, and on the way there, Exposed's Incantations sounded better than ever, blaring into the airways. Was this due to a massive endorphin release from my workout a short time before? A fews hours later on the way home at twilight, TSODE was orgasmic - it melted and blended into the landscape - the River, the fields, the sky colors, Jupiter, Saturn, Casseopia, Ursa Major, and the crescent moon......

I was driving a little faster than I should have been on the River road, totally focused on the sky and the music (Crystal Clear at that point), wondering how far up one could be in the air and still hear the music at that volume, when I realised there was a herd of 8 deer standing in the road. "It's too good of a day to die" floated through my mind as the brakes screeched and I dimmed the lights (deer tend to get frozen in headlights). They still just STOOD there. The car was just sitting in the road by that time, and I started calmly but firmly talking to them "You guys HAVE to get out of the road. Go back the way you came. Why are you all just STANDING there?" They continued to just stand there, staring at me. I wondered if one of them would leap into the car. Then I realised that the music was still playing, so I turned it down. This released them from their trance, and they bolted up the hill on the other side of the road. I didn't know music would transfix deer. Maybe only Mike's music has this effect? At any rate, thank the Goddess that road is NOT heavily trafficked!


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