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Campaign for The Essential Mike Oldfield (Knebworth) on DVD

A good lad by the name of Keith Starkie recently wrote the
following to the Mike Oldfield Newsgroup (
Reprinted here by kind permission of the author...

Not only was I extremely fortunate to be at Knebworth in 1980 I caught
Mike three other times during the 'Platinum Tour' in that year. I was around
at the time of the birth of TB, and having followed Mike's music from that day
to this, the 1980 concert tour in my opinion was his best.

Many fans who were at Preston in that year or have heard the concert on
bootleg claim it to be his best ever live concert and I must agree. Pierre Moerlen, Benoit Moerlen, Tim Cross, Pete Leemer, Mike Frye and Nico Ramsden were all members of the 1979 'Exposed ' tour, Wendy Roberts sang on the album Platinum, and I believe Maggie was the girlfriend of one of the crew at that time. Hansford Rowe was a member of Gong along with Pierre and Benoit and as Wolf mentioned Bo Acock was in the Tom Robinson Band.

The concert at Knebworth was an amazing experience, there were many people in the crowd who were not Mike Oldfield fans but listened and cheered with the rest of us. It was not until I watched the video that I noticed the errors made by Bo Acock but surely something like that adds to the fact that it is live and I wouldn't be surprised if a few more were covered up in the audio mix . I thought all the musicians played their part - it was a superb performance.

I was in Edinburgh for TBII , Horseguards for TBIII , Wembley in 1983 and have been to many other concerts but agree with Wolf that the Knebworth video is the best live concert available.

Any chance of a DVD version from Virgin?

Keith Starkie

Sounds like a great idea, Keith. I'll dig up and post on this page all the positive posts I can find - and below you'll find a specialised "guest book" to add your new comments, live, creating an online petition. Maybe we can present a united front to Virgin.

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