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we are leaner and meaner - and we're back for 2002!

So what's this place about?

Essentially it's dedicated to the members of Amarok - The Mike Oldfield Mailing List who have risen at times to poetry, poignancy, humour and grace. Posts to mailing lists frequently just gather cyber-dust on hard drives - but some of these posts deserved better. So some posts have been illustrated and turned into Web pages. There are other diversions as well - like companion pieces to Mike's works - and there will be lot's more to come..

Anyone who has contributed to Amarok at any time should feel free to wander these halls at leisure. Visitors are also welcome, but please remember that the posts here are rendered somewhat out of context - to get the full picture, you probably need to subscribe.

Time is sort of irrelevant, too - so posts are accompanied by the Mikey CD they principally concern - which makes Wolf's Hergest Ridge Cafe an Oldfieldopolis, of sorts. Eventually, I'm hoping that the entire site will be navigable via an Oldfieldopolis key, that might look something like this:

In general, the graphics are by wolf, unless otherwise credited. The Sphere above, for example is by Kazuo Fujitsuka, of Japan - thanks, Kazuo!

For future graphics contributions, there's a place to store graphics files and even MP3s over at e-groups When you get there, you'll want to join Amarok2. It's easy to join - you don't even have to receive e-mails (they can be read at the site) and joining gives you access to some of the gorgeous graphics that Amarokers have created in the past. Amarok2 also functions as an Emergency Broadcast Channel in case the main list server goes down - which, like a hurricane in Hampshire, hardly ever happens, it must be said.

Meanwhile, here at the virtual Ridge, we're growing and morphing all the time - so come on along for the ride, and come back and visit often. You never know, you might find your name - and your posts - up in lights!

Please don't be afraid to use the guest books. I actually hate that term - I'd rather call them Discussion Pages. In any case, to write on the walls just push the big yellow button that says "view/sign guestbook". People have been complimentary in the past, but feel free to make suggestions, nominate things you'd like to see or hear here (here, here!), tell a joke, or start some dialogue. It's always nice to know that you called by, even if you don't feel you have a lot to say. If you want to write to me direct, go here.

on with the show!

20th February, 2001

Last Christmas, at Wolf's Hergest Ridge Cafe....

Card Comp 2000
Phil Bendall's Mike Oldfield Christmas Compilation!
Santa's Little Helpers - Last year's Christmas wishes from Amarokers everywhere...

And so to this...

Welcome - to the third edition!

In this issue, you can re-visit Islands, meet some of the owners of the world's coolest Tubular Cars, and say hello to the Amaroker of the Millennium, Martin Bartosik. Why the Amaroker of the Millennium? Well, let's just say that the timing was right!

In a virtual world such as ours it's all too easy to promise the moon and the stars, only to make the promised treasures available in a limited way, or to conveniently forget about them - leaving just an ozone trace and a trail of disappointment in your wake. Virtual we may be, but our feelings, passions and pleasures really don't expire when our computers are turned off - it just seems that way.

Martin not only re-mastered the Original Hergest Ridge with the patience and finesse of an obstetric surgeon, bringing its essence and percussive glory alive and kicking into the digital domain, but also weeded it successfully. So successfully that Amarokers from the big lands as well as the far flung corners of the globe can hold the thing in their flesh and blood hands, cherish the covers and inlays painstakingly designed by Martin himself - and made freely available - and upon insertion into the slot of their choice, party like it's 1974!

Sure, of course I know that there are a whole lot of kind hearted dudes and dude-esses out there who have delivered the manna to satisfy our endless hunger for ever more Oldfield over the years. But Martin made it look easy. Took the time to make sure that the cover inlays were exactly the right size. Sweated buckets over the task itself, and brought the whole thing off with a smile, and not a hint of attitude or condescension.

I hope you can join me in this humble toast of thanks and acknowledgement: Martin Bartosik - Amaroker of the Millennium!


March 2001

Meet Martin Bartosik
An e-interview with the Amaroker of the Millennium!
Cars of the Tubular World
Coolest tubular vehicles on Earth - and their drivers..
Re-visit Mike's Islands
A fore-runner to Amarok - and some sharp analysis.

From the first issue..

The NEW Voyager Companion
page about Voyager
Amarok, Too
page about Amarok
Maggotted in Melbourne
Millennium Wedding Bells
The Crystal Clear Deer
Mary-Carol's high speed hi-jinks!
Saxaphone Sorority
musings on Mike and sax...
'Twas the Night Before Millennium Bell
Our Flagship Poem ~Drew Minasian's Epic of Amarok
Phil's Moving Ritual
house moving - the MO way....
Campaign for Knebworth on DVD!
Sign the online petition (original "guest book" fully restored!)

hey - the original guest book has been unearthed - with all the signings intact... ditto with the online petition for the Knebworth video on DVD!