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Phil's Moving Ritual

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:12:10 +0100
From: "Gargin, Philip (Frankfurt)" (
Subject: [Amarok] Best Mike moment

I had a good Mike moment last night. I work as a computer contractor.
Over the last few years I have moved around for different jobs
(lasting from three months to two years). I have this tradition that every
time I move to a new flat the first thing I do is unpack the hifi,
set it up and put on the 'Five Miles Out' album. I don't know why I
started doing this, but I"ve been doing for the last six years.

My new flat is the top floor of a huge building (18th floor) with a
balcony and an excellent view over Frankfurt. Listening to Taurus II,
almost far above the clouds over the Frankfurt nightime cityscape was
great. Even though I've been listening to this album for years there's
still new things to hear in it. I'm amazed that this album hardly ever
gets a mention in peoples best-of lists. How can anyone pick the
sterile TB II over the fiercely raw, but also amazingly and subtly
complex masterpiece of this album? I can only assume most people don't
own this. Go and get it now!!! It's Mikes best (but it's a pretty close
call between this and Ommadawn).


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