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Ho ho ho!

Welcome to the inaugural Mikey Christmas Card Competition 2000 - well, competition is not really right - as there are no judgements, and no prizes. So let's just say - have yourself a Mikey Little Christmas, and send in a card

And to begin, a golden pair from the wolf...

First up, a sub space transmission, all the way from the Delta quadrant, was received recently at wolf headquarters. It contained this affectionate greeting addressed to Rob Miles:

Seven of Nine is the intellectual property of Paramount Pictures. She appears here with the express purpose of driving people to watch ST Voyager in droves. Rob Miles, though subject to his own deterministic philosophies, is essentially his own person.

And then, while trawling the Oldfield universe for images, I came upon this lovely thing from Hans Claesson at Olivier's site, which is somehow just totally complete as a Christmas card in its own right.

If you think that the next card, from Kazuo is quite lovely....

...just wait until you click the little red line below! Kazuo Fujitsuka, ladies and gentlemen...just breakin' hearts :)
TB X'mas

This isn't really a Christmas card, but it certainly is a gift for Oldfield fans at this time of year. All the way from Bulgaria, here's a quite wonderful multimedia extravaganza, with a philosophy all its own.

By Philip Philipov.

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